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Fear Not

I had a whole slew of advice regarding how to get a job this week but it will have to wait because I'm slammed with interviews. I have interviews coming out of my ears but hell, I ain't complaining. Actually, it's been a very good lesson in karma. Duh. You get what you put in and I think I've done a fair amount of reaching out to people and helping others get jobs when I can. So on a lighter / more serious note...

What are your top rational / irrational fears? 

Mine, in no particular order are...

1. Accidentally taking Advil PM during the day instead of the non-drowsy kind.

2. Accidentally forgetting my interview heels before an interview and having to interview in my Tom's or buy another pair of heels.

3. Falling onto the subway tracks or watching someone else fall without being able to save them.

4. Stepping on a dead body or scary gross thing while swimming in lakes (someone's watched too many horror movies!)

I think that's about it. I've failed. Been broke. Fallen on my face in public. Gotten fired. Tripped and fell during an onstage musical performance during high school (thanks Scott!). Once found a dead mouse in a sublet. Had bedbugs. My kitten jumped & fell out of my 5th floor window (he wasn't ok). Broken a bone. Broke my computer. And have had countless other experiences that I choose not to share on this blog.

But the point is, once you've lived through your fears and have come out scathed but alive, you've gained the resilience and strength to take whatever leap is necessary in life.

What are your fears?