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First Day in San Francisco

I totally could have woken up at 7:30 and taken advantage of my body being on East Coast time, but true to lazy form, I set my alarm for 9:20. And here I am. Debating what to do with myself. I've been here a few times and feel no pressure to do touristy things although I haven't done much of that the previous times here. So far my ass hurts from the hills. What was supposed to be a nice stroll home after pancakes and hot chocolate turned into a - I think I'm going to hurl my pancakes and hot chocolate. At least there's no worry of me getting out of shape here. Um okay. Boring myself.

What you really want to hear.. I saw a man that had a dog on a leash. On the dog sat a cat. On the cat sat a rat. And looking at this dog with a cat with a rat, was one slightly jaded New Yorker who thought she's seen it all. She hasn't.

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