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Remember how yesterday I seemed all positive and happy? I returned from my final photography class inspired and happy that I met some cool people. Went to the Shake Shack beforehand. Ran into someone entirely random that made me think the universe was trying to tell me something once again.. had a talk with someone else that made me think things will go in the right direction soon in another area..

And then. 11:07 PM happened. I was just about to put my New York Magazine crossword puzzle away and hit the sack when I heard water pouring out but not in the shower/ faucet / toilet kind of way. Okay, maybe toilet. Apologies for the graphic details during lunchtime.. but urine saturated water came seeping through the light fixture in the bathroom, covering our tiled bathroom floor with a 1/4 inch film of a severe health hazard. Fortunately, both my roommate and I were around to deal with the issue. We went to the apartment above us (crazy older man) and loudly knocked on his door but got no response. Calling the super didn't lead to any further resolve so we called the police. Okay, perhaps I watch way too many crime shows but I figured, hey, he could have died while on the can and I'm doing him a favor. The good looking firemen that showed up (what is it with men in uniform!?) weren't able to help us either but turned off the power in the bathroom so we wouldn't have electrical issues. And we all agreed that sometimes Manhattan really sucks and you have to pay an arm and a leg just to be in a building where a landlord addresses your issues. An hour and a half later, I went to bed wondering what I must have done in a past life to deserve all this apartment strife. Perhaps I was a landlord.

And after leaving another message, we still haven't heard back from the management company or our super. So if you ever come across DMB Properties on 86th street, seriously, keep walking.. and if someone tries to show you an apartment on 66th and 1st avenue, say no thanks and move on.

Anyone have any advice for how to deal with this situation? Any lawyers familiar with our situation? We sent off the rent check yesterday afternoon so withholding is a no go and are most likely not going to renew our lease in July.

eeeek. okay. Fortunately, I'm in a better place that I was Monday and the last two weeks.. so I think I can try to see the humor in this right? happy thoughts.. happy thoughts.. happy thoughts..