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Food Stuff and Caffeine

So I'm into week to of my vegetarianism (fish allowed). I can't say I notice a difference in my health or overall well being but it's probably saved me some money. Actually, it will probably help me lose weight over the long hall. I've passed up a whole bunch of highly caloric treats like anything to do with procuitto and if you go to the Whole Foods Salad bar, most of the stuff that has chicken is pretty creamy. It's also good to know that I can sustain without meat. I have no idea where I got the idea that I need to have meat nearly twice a day. In a few days, I'm going to Cancun and may have meat there since it's more likely to be raised by more organic means. But now I'm reading Omnivore's Dilemma which will only strengthen my resolve to only eat organic meat and avoid foods that have artificial additives. It's not just about trying to become healthier- which I'm sure I easily reverse every weekend drinking- but it's about NOT supporting the industries that are harmful to our environment. Putting my dollars to work and supporting the organic, environmentally friendly industries.

On the caffeine front, I'm trying to go without coffee this week and am on my second day. I'm actually doing fairly well with that as well. Can you tell I just read Skinny Bitch? It seems like my energy is more consistent. Yesterday I had green tea in the morning and afternoon but today I was able to get by with just morning green tea. It's good to test myself and make sure that I'm not necessarily addicted to anything. And I definitely think that I convinced myself that I needed coffee. I wonder what I'll give up next week. Blogging?