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Freakin Brilliant- 16 Handles - Frozen Yogurt

After yoga, was trying to find a milk shake so I could bring all the boys to the yard. Sorry, couldn't resist. After waiting forever at Max Brenner only to find out the milk shakes were an absurd $7 and probably 1,000 calories, I decided to check out yet another frozen yogurt place. 16 Handles. Brilliant. Instead of having to choose between one flavor and practically a dollar per topping- i.e. 3 delicately placed raspberries that inevitably fall off the yogurt and out of the cup,- you get to serve yourself. Mix and match yogurt flavors. Spoon in exactly 1 blackberry, 2 spoonfuls of crushed oreos, granola, whatever- no judgement. My heart's desire costs less than $5, beating PinkBerries hefty price with a shorter line.