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Friday Night Debauchery

And just in case you were wondering what I did on Friday night.. and how this drunkenness all came about.. It all started with a shot at Solas (not my idea of course). The buyer of this shot went home fairly early, already feeling the effects. My coworker left early in the game as well cause she wasn't feeling it. Finally, my two other friends called it a night which didn't surprise me because one had to work the next day. So I was left alone (again) but had already made various new friends. "My" bartender's younger brother was visiting from Scotland. He was quite interested in me. I'm starting to realize that interest in certain women tends to run in the family. He said something about a look in my eyes but I couldn't understand his heavy accent. Dang. I hate when a compliment is missed cause of lack of ability to understand. His adorable blonde friend, a trainer, was also sweet and will hopefully be my new facebook friend if he ever gets to a computer and signs up!

And then there was another couple. Handsome Irish dude and cute girl from Spain. I danced with the Spanish girl and I think she had the hots for me. In fact, I think I was nearly propositioned into something more elicit given their opennness in how they were BOTH interested in me. Alas, I went home alone. But not without meeting two other guys- one who knew someone I went to high school with. Did the evil jaeger shot that sealed my fate and then there was that game of kings. Okay, now I've got to get out and run all the errands I was supposed to run yesterday! Grrr!