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Friday Night Pictures

Some pics I took on Friday night while on the Brooklyn Promenade. Coincidentally, I spent a lot of time near the East River this weekend. Saturday afternoon I took a short jog along the river from around East 10th street to the Williamsburg Bridge. At some point I stopped at the water and contemplated how hard it would be to kayak or canoe in the East River, not to mention gross. Then on Saturday night, after having dinner with friends, we walked to the park on 86th street and sat on the benches, talking and looking at the river. I suppose I should take a quick run to the river right now to round out my weekend. Or to some it up, I spent a significant amount of time WANDERING and PONDERING near the East River.

Instead of more East River adventures, I saw "Mama Mia" today with a friend- movie with lots of water and walked home in the rain. I 'm sure there's some of the East River in the rain right? It was obviously a campy, cheesy movie. You need to be with that to enjoy it. Hell yeah, I enjoyed it. I also found it somewhat empowering to women- that it was okay she slept with three guys within a few days. Hey, sometimes you can just be on fire right? And happen to meet a few "right guys" within a short time period. For the record, I have not done this but I suppose if I were to have a Greek island adventure and happen to meet 3 handsome guys that all swept me off my feet.. I'd um, use a condom! Also loved the lyrics to ABBA's Dancing Queen. Never really listened to them but could relate to just wanting to dance. Anyone will do.. it's all about dancing. I am a dancing queen and once in the groove, it's not about who I'm dancing with. It's about dancing with people who can keep up and definitely not a means to hook up with that person.

So that sums up my slightly adventurous, slightly lazy weekend. Was going to drag my laptop to a cafe and start writing my novel.. but couldn't resist taking a short nap while there was finally a cold breeze coming through my window. Short nap turned into an hour. Which turned into dinner time. Which turned into 7pm on a Sunday hard to convince myself to leave my apartment..