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Garbage Island (Pacific Floating Garbage)

About a year ago, I posted a story and pictures of the Pacific Floating Garbage patch. It's amazing how little attention this atrocity has received by the media. I think either or CNN picked it up in a tiny story a few months ago and everyone I spoke to about it was shocked - like they heard it for the first time. Qquestion no more. Here's an informative video via (thanks Julia) where a TV crew spends 3 weeks on the open sea observing and documenting the tiny particles of plastic that are prevalent throughout the ocean. It's extremely disheartening to see how our wasteful ways cause so much lasting pain to the eco-system. How many plastic bags or containers does one need? If your corner deli didn't put your sandwich in a plastic bag, would you really miss it or even care? NO! Plastic is incredibly convenient but whatever our circumstances, humans can adjust. If you don't have time to see all 3 videos, at least see the last one. The next time your friend mentions hearing about some mysterious floating garbage patch the size of Texas, you can explain to them that yes it does in fact, exist. And no one seems to be doing anything about it.