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Glutenous End to 2008

On New Year's Eve, I made myself fettuccine Alfredo with bacon bits. Something I've been craving for weeks. I thought it best to end a glutenous, pleasure filled year with something overly glutenous and pleasurable. But fortunately I managed to nap and then actually made it to the gym for an hour of running, lifting and stretching.

Okay, I suppose now is the time to reflect on 2008 and what has changed.

I think over all, this has been a great year for me. It has been very comforting and fulfilling to have a full time job that I love. I've met fantastic people through my job and continue building relationships and meeting new people. But as is typical, nothing is perfect. Of course where one area was steady, another part of my life was in flux and turmoil. My dating life in 08 was fairly uninteresting if you don't count the plethora of people I met at Solas. I don't think I dated anyone this year that made a big impact on my life. I suppose 07 fell more into that category. I made friendships that didn't entirely work out, and broke up friendships that were definitely not working. And I continued my wonderful friendships with those that I've been close to for a long time, whether they're in New York, Boston, Utah, California, or Pennsylvania.

I think more important than the drama in my life, I re-ignited my passion for creating. Buying a DSLR and taking a photography class was probably the best thing I've done for myself in years. As much as I oddly try to get away from my creative roots, it always finds me and I eventually realize I'm happiest when I create.

And to reflect on a more global level. A lot of people will look back at 08 and see it as a bad year but I strongly disagree. I think it was a pivotal year that will ultimately lead to some very positive changes. Yes, the financial markets collapsed and there is and will be more fall out in the upcoming months. But it was clearly a system that wasn't working in some areas and eventually the Wall Street talent will put their skills to other uses. Okay, so gas prices were super high. In the end, people got into the habit of conserving energy. Oh yeah, and we elected a new president. Hollar. I can go on but I think my point is obvious.

I think my personal life mimicked what happened globally and nationally. It took sort various dramatic incidents to give us a kick in the pants and hopefully change our ways. Just as I experienced with my relationships over the course of this year.