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Good Morning!

I'm in that annoying state between awake and slightly hung over and too tired/ lazy to actually get up. AND I walked about a mile in my highest pair of heels so the prospect of walking, even in my new Chucks, is rather intimidating. Is it wrong that I let my responsibilities get in the way of my sex life? Am I the only girl that would prefer NOT to go home with someone at 4 am mainly because I have so much shit to do the next day. Hooking up is fun, but then the next day there's way too much wasted time. Usually guys want to sleep in later. So you're looking at noon. Then they want to inevitably go for round two the next morning. So maybe now you're talking about leaving their apartment/ kicking them out around 1ish. Then on top of that, you most likely didn't get any sleep or at least quality, so you need another hour. Now all of a sudden, you're not seeing the light of day and leaving your apartment until 3pm. And let's not even talk about the walk of shame. Having to put those painful heels back on, take a cab ride, etc.

That being said, it's nearly noon. I'm going to get off my lazy ass and go wander. And perhaps ponder about my fun night last night.