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Good Photographers Are Trouble Makers

Check out this quick post by Thoughts of a Bohemian about good photographers being trouble makers because they want to shake up our perception of reality. Speaking of photography, I had a wonderful night in on Friday. I took my first outdoor run of 2009- up the East River to 34th street, walked back towards my gym and lifted. Then I decided to try a photography technique from class right as I got home. 3 hours later and I was still taking self portraits and still lives- mixing flash and ambient light. As luck would have it, I discovered a TV channel devoted to art called Ovation TV. They had a show about Edward Weston and then another one about Cindy Sherman, so I had that on as I was shooting. Below are some of my favorite shots. They aren't the most flattering but they're pretty accurate as to how I look :) I mean I've got the frizztastic hair, that post work out glow.. and maybe I tiny bit of makeup left over from my morning application. Blowing out a person's face does wonders for the under eye circles and every other flaw alla a Michael Thompson photo. IMG_7571