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My instincts to avoid the cable situation were correct. After being put on hold for 10 minutes, the rep told me to unplug my cable box, then plug it back in. Genius. BUT it didn't work. So they're sending a technician out- wait! This is good... earliest on Monday! So now I'm sick with the flu, stuck at home with no TV. Okay, perhaps God is screaming at me to read a book. I'm supposed to call back tomorrow morning between 7am-10am to see if I can get an earlier appointment. If there's an opening tomorrow that will be beautiful because obviously both me and my roommate are home.

In other news, I find it ironic that my EX-friend who deleted ME as a friend on Facebook, uses a profile picture that contains me in it! She cropped me out, of course, but you can still see my hair. Weird. And mostly creepy.