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Hand Cuffs and Irish Men

Wow! I made it through the week! And clearly didn't try to avoid shenanigans. Thursday night, partied it up coworker style, dancing, free champagne and all. Managed to roll into work on Friday and get through a very hectic work day- followed by the third manicure of my entire life (liking the red), a short nap and then going out for Halloween.

The East Village was INSANE last night! Completely packed. I walked out with my ass hanging out (was wearing short shorts underneath). As a big breasted German Bar girl. Ahhh. Slutty. Convinced an off duty cab to take me to 83rd and 1st avenue. Hit up a house party. Then came back down to my spot.

At my spot, tried to convince other friends to join but they were mackin it. So ended up meeting Rene Magritte, cute Harvard chemistry professor (I kid you not). Then got slightly bored, walked away and met some fun Irish dudes. Irish dudes and Scottish bartender and I had a grand ole time. Long story short- Irish guy walked me home and around 6am, I found myself patiently waiting as he picked handcuffs off my wrists with my hair pin. Hmm.. just a typical night out.