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Happy Friday!

So glad it's Friday. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Oh wait, I'm not sleeping in too late. Have lots to do. But am looking forward to my weekend plans. I feel like I accomplished a lot this week. Figured out hot to modify my blog and am sure I can modify it further. Upgraded my computer and stayed calm even though it had to be OPENED. I learned simple lighting techniques and concepts that help me see photos in a whole different way. And I can figure out how to properly light subjects.

Hmmm. Some advice to ponder. Be a player in the game of life, not a spectator. Life is too short to put off what you really want to do. Baby steps. Live every day to the fullest. Here's a picture that I took while I was living my life to the fullest in Florence. I then turned it into a silk screen, and scanned it.

Mother and Daughter