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Happy Monday!

Holy crap! My Monday is off to a great start! I found this gold chain on the subway platform while waiting for the train. Thank god I have an eye for shiny things. It even perfectly matches today's outfit. What is the world trying to tell me? It's 14K gold and made in Italy. I also found the below earring last week but I doubt it's worth that much. There's something so special about found objects... I wear a crescent moon necklace with hematite rhinestones and an onyx moon nearly every other day that I found in Bryant Park. I get so many compliments on it and it seems to bring me good luck. And at the moment, I'm wearing a ring that used to be my grandmother's (I think) and earrings that used to be my other grandmother's. So much more special than going to my neighborhood Macy's and picking out my own jewelry.

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