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Happy Monday!

I started this post on Friday morning..

ME FRIDAY MORNING: "This morning I nearly got run over by a mini van full of nuns. Seriously. I can't make this shit up."
COWORKER: "Well, if they hit you, you would have gone straight to heaven."
ME: "Damn it! That was the only chance I had."

In other news, Thursday night I attempted to kill 3 hours between work and an event that started in Tribeca at 9. I don't know why I didn't just go home first. I guess I felt I wouldn't have gone all the way downtown. I had a lovely time chillaxing in Washington Square Park, listening to relaxing music and laying on a marble slab, reliving my life downtown. Then I slowly walked down towards Soho with the intention of shopping but then got hungry. As I headed into Tribeca, I realized I was screwed in trying to find an affordable place to eat dinner. I passed Chipriani's where I may or may not have seen Eli Manning.. but definitely saw a crazy girl dancing.. see below. I ended up eating at a very cute Italian cafe/ restaurant full of regulars with affordable entrees. Since I was eating alone, I decided to go for it and have a glass of red - making it officially the first time I've eaten dinner and drank wine at a restaurant by myself in NYC. By the time I finished dinner, I was very ready to hit up the party and felt I had enough Molly time.

The Facebook sponsored Advertising Week wrap up party was okay. A decent group of coworkers showed up but other than that, it was fairly uneventful. This morning, I looked at my calendar and realized that after all that, I missed an event I originally planning on going to that fell between 6pm and 9pm. Such is life.