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Happy Trails!

I'm sitting in the airport. Perfect timing. No running or stressing involved and I opted to take the $15 bus from Grand Central instead of a cab. Okay. So this is old news but if I'm going to complain about one extreme injustice regarding air travel it's the ridiculous cost of bottled water. Hello!!? So security makes us throw away our water bottles. A water bottle that I happened to have bought for 86 cents at the deli across my street. And because I get freaked out about water on the plane and generally always have to carry a water bottle, I bought one near the gate. It was $3!! Come on people!! If you're going to prevent us from bringing it, at least regulate the excessive food prices!

And in other news, I wore way too much magenta. It sort of happened without me realizing it. I knew that carrying around a purple suitcase meant I ran a certain risk. And the magenta backpack can always be a little embarrassing. But I forgot about my purple scarf, purple pants that I picked for comfort and bright pink purse. Oy vey.

P.S. I'm taking Virgin America. I feel like I've mentioned that before. I already get the sense that it's like a single airplane. Hmm. What a concept. I have a good feeling about this. At the risk of being made fun of, I'm going to say that yes, I've already noticed about 4 rather attractive guys who will be on my flight and I haven't even made the effort to look around. Hmm. Hopefully one of them will have a fondness for purple.