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Hello From San Francisco

I think this is the longest time in the 3 years since I've had this blog that I've gone without blogging. But not just because I don't love you. I've been working, working, working!

Imaginary High Speed Train between San Francisco and LA
Durex Flavored Condoms Johnnie Walker Black whose research led me to a strip club. I kid you not.  Imaginary Red Bull flavored Orbit's gum. (Could use some of that regularly with all the energy I've been spending on school work. Insights! Strategies! One single thought. Qualitative Research. Man on the Street interviews. Karaoke! Running along the water. Eating. More eating. Updating my new blog Curiosity Matters with all things advertising related. Hanging out with Five Brazilians, One Argentinian, Two Spaniards, One Serbian, One Singaporean, and a whole lot of Americans from around the world. Drinking coffee. Finally kicking my Nutella habit. Eating lots of Thai Curry. Feeling like I'm genuinely living every day to the fullest.