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Hello Gorgeous

I recently got back from IKEA where I can safely say that I lost an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back. Granted they have some good stuff, but my father has some weird mistrust and hatred against the Swedish giant, clouding every purchase. After many fantasies of actually organizing my tiny apartment by making use of vertical space, I walked out with a single swivel chair and 2 magenta window curtains. Reality set in that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to push my abilities to lug things up 3 flights of stairs. It's best that I wait until after my potential move. I left and instinctively headed to West Elm, a much calmer scene full of beautiful objects I could neither afford, or carry up 3 flights of stairs. Defeated once again, I decided to check out the new Fairway that just opened up in Paramus.

Conclusion. I cannot live in the suburbs of New York or at least overcrowded, over commercialized Northern, New Jersey. And on that note, here's some real decorating inspiration!