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Holy Crap I just realized...

And I continue to strongly dislike my building. They locked the front, front door so people can't even get in to buzz you. I can't believe I just realized that this morning...

Had another crazy night. Was sitting, watching Legally Blonde on TV for the 5th time, almost excited to stay in, when my friend texted me. Asked if I wanted to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Hell yeah, I said. Only problem was that I had 35 minutes to shower, get ready and up to 86th and 3rd. I threw something on knowing that we'd most likely go out afterward. The cab went up first and we somehow did not hit one red light. Knew it was a good indicator of how the night would go. Movie was just as expected- predictable and cheesy but fairly entertaining- my favorite line being "Greek women don't lose their pants."

Post movie, we grabbed a drink and waited for a coworker to meet up. When that didn't happen (phone turned off and drunkeness on his part) I hopped in the subway after hitting up a bank with a $3 fee. Good thing I didn't even use any cash after that..

In an exchange with my coworker before he flipped his phone off, he commented, "what does it matter where we go. You'll probably end up at Solas anyway." So that gave me an idea.. post subway, I headed straight over and figured eventually I could convince my friends to meet me there. Never mind the whole drinking at a bar alone thing.. I'd meet people and could always catch up with my bartender. Right after getting a free drink from my bartender (hey, I paid the last time...) he informs me that so and so in the corner wants to buy my next one and that he's a really good guy... So I go over and talk to him, meet all his friends.. get photographed by some other random patron with the group of guys, do some serious dancing.. long story short, have an amazing time. And get proposed to.... but that's a whole other story.