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Huh? Sarah Palin? I just don't get it

Okay, usually I stay away from politics. I'm not one of those people that argues the crap out of something I know little about.. but after reading a few articles about this whole Sarah Palin thing, it started making me mad. On the one hand, I'm hoping that the American public is smart enough not to be charmed by her good looks and attractive family. She herself could be charming. I'll have to wait for her speech. But COME ON.. what experience does this woman have? Did McCain just randomly pick all female potential running mates out of a hat? Did he do a side by side comparison of his wife vs. Palin and realize he could use a brunette in his life? It's an insult to women that this apparently back stabbing, NRA endoring, lying woman is representing women in politics. Where as Clinton attempted to down play her charm and looks?, I'm guessing that's all Palin has.

And what's up with the whole teenage pregnancy thing? I mean, hello!!?? Can you say condoms? Are they trying to connect with middle Americans who I'm guessing have a higher rate of teen pregnancy? Is this a further dumbing down of America? If her pregnancy was from a lack of sex education, then congrats to her- she has just expressed the exact reason why that approach is wrong. I'm just floored that this is acceptable. Not the keeping the baby part- that's her choice.. but the getting pregnant in the first place. And her marrying the guy is a total shirade. You can see that this handsome, jock is probably terrified of the role he's got completely roped into. His mistake is national news and for the next, at least few months, his every move will be monitored. He'll have to become a role model instead of- perhaps- having a debaucherous senior year of high school.