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I Can Stand the Rain

I'm kind of excited to have a rainy weekend. It's a good excuse to stay in and be lazy. No pressure to go running in the park or rollerblading. And by the end of this weekend, I won't be one step closer to developing skin cancer. Cheers to that.

Okay, so this is way past due but by the time Sunday night rolled around last week, I was sunburned, dehydrated and exhausted from the sun. I volunteered to take pictures at a bake sale benefiting BARC- Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. I'm not much of a dog person but the dogs from the shelter definitely charmed me and I'm hoping have been adopted since the event. But on the crazy off chance that no one has recognized they make perfect companions, check out the site and stop by the shelter in Williamsburg. I mean really.. just try to resist those eyes...