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I can't make this shit up

While in Union Square during a photo shoot that involved fake blood and a fake knife, I nearly got caught up in a crack deal. It sort of went something like this..

man hunched over on a bench looking like he's about to puke.

man #2: Yo Fred, you okay man?
Fred: in hoarse, grumpy and loud voice "I need some crack."
man #2: Okay
goes over to large group standing uncomfortably close to me as I straddle my bag, carrying my camera, watching two brief cases while friends are off shooting a scene.

Can't really understand what they're saying but I see them making some calls. Some surfer type guy comes carrying a beautiful, blond, adorable baby who I've actually seen before at the Union Square B&N. I know my vagrants. Breaks my heart to see kid in this situation. The baby mama shows up, looking cracked out no less, skinny, with dreads, tats, piercings and pregnant. At which point, my boyz come back and thankfully, we leave the scene before the transaction takes place.