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I Guess I Sort of Love New York Again

I wanted to thank everyone again for their kind words and support. Yesterday was ROUGH but I'm lucky that I live close enough to my family that I was able to spend time with them. Oscar is now resting next to my childhood cats in my parent's backyard. I still miss him and think about him but know it will take time to move on. I'm glad I'm leaving this apartment soon. Thomas is sitting on my lap as I write this, more loving and cuddly than ever. I hope he's okay. Oscar pretty much annoyed the crap out of him for the most part but I'm sure he loved him anyway just like I did.

I'm not religious but the pastor of the church I attend twice a year is extremely interesting, insightful and intelligent so I was thinking of stopping by his office to discuss my thoughts over the last few days. As I was exiting the subway at 53rd and Lex, I ran into him. We talked about Oscar and loss.. and forgiveness. And I asked him if in his experience speaking with people who are going through hardships - if he thought everything happens for a reason. His response was that he doesn't think that's the case but that we can learn from our experiences no matter what. So I guess I've learned that you can never be too careful, that my friends, family and community will be there for me when things go seriously sour and.. I learned what it's like to experience loss and get through it. My pastor said that in his 61 years on this earth, he feels that our current time has been the hardest in history - economically, politically and environmentally and that it's okay to feel down but that we'll get through it. I guess it was upsetting to hear that but I also felt relieved with the knowledge that things have to get better in the world.. and that perhaps I will only experience this time of overall suckiness once in my lifetime.

On a lighter note - updates and re-caps of Internet Week New York to come soon. But I just wanted to get back to my old - funny - lighthearted self for one moment and share the first "I Love NY moment" I've had since I've been back from Colorado. While walking from the F train to the L train at 14th street, two young guys serenaded me with Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" for a whole block under ground. It was ridiculous and embarrassing but how can I not let a flattering, funny situation like that make my day?