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I Love Park Slope

Yesterday I went to Park Slope to get a haircut at Slope Suds. The people were really nice and it was good to get out of Manhattan even if it involved running home from work at 5:30, showering, changing, putting myself together, then running to the F train, then running 5 blocks after getting out of the F train. Wow, that was a mouthful. After the haircut, I met up with some friends at their apartment and played some guitar hero. Word, that shit is addicting. Was just starting to get the hang of it. I'm still enamored with everything Brooklyn and need to move there once my "lease" is up. Maybe I'll actually have the room to pursue the stuff I love- If I'm not spending all my time commuting.

We went out to dinner with my friend's parents and I laughed so hard it hurt. In fact, we got coffee afterwards because we were exhausted. I was sipping my coffee, my friend cracked a joke and I literally spit out my coffee err.. in my hands. It was a bad scene. And today's another Brooklyn day. Going on a walking tour with my dad then babysitting in the Slope. Afterwards, if I'm still standing, I'm going to some house party. Don't know where.