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I Love the New York Photography Scene.

It was worth missing my favorite yoga class for the millionth time last night. I'm sure my teacher has given up on me. Last night I went to an Image Maker Lecture Series at the Soho Apple store featuring fine arts photographer and blogger Amy Stein and commercial photographer and blogger Andrew Hetherington. They are awesome. And inspiring. Amy started out in politics, even got her masters. She didn't discover photography until age 32. So there's hope for you late bloomers. Ain't photography the perfect second career? It's all about viewing things from a unique lens literally and figuratively. Andrew had a similar non-direct path finding his way from Ireland to New York and to the photography scene. It was beautiful seeing two people so passionate about photography. Although not surprisingly, pretty much everyone in photography is passionate. Afterward, we all headed to Sainte and had drinks (diet coke for me thanks to my March- no drinking challenge). I chillaxed with some ladies in the field- other art buyers! Yes!!

Amy's Domesticated series, taken in a small, rural town in Pennsylvania where nature has been known to invade the town. She partnered with a taxidermist to create the very real looking images.

Andrew Hetherington started out working in fashion and now focuses on editorial and advertising. His images are colorful, clever and intelligent. This is the one I recognize the most.

Yeah, I was excited about being disconnected while in jury duty but now I realize there are a shit ton of photography blogs linked from these sites that I need to check out while I take breaks from reading Annie Leibovitz new book.