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I'm Back

Had an awesome but exhausting weekend. Thursday night I took the bus home to NJ, as usual carried so much stuff that I couldn't feel my arm for a few seconds. And managed to hit about 5 people on the way to my seat. Then Friday, I got my bridesmaid dress from tailor who totally overcharged me. I tried on the dress one last time and could barely breathe. So for the rest of the night, I proceeded to freak out. We drove up to Poughkeepsie, had the rehearsal, then went to a lovely winery. But of course I was still freaking out about the dress situation and also recovering from a cough/ cold. Afterward, we went to the Vassar club or something like that which was a lovely spot. And finally, back to the hotel where we all proceeded to pass out.

Saturday morning, bright and early around 9:30, we went to get our hair done. For $90, they straightened my hair and because of the humidity and her shody job, my hair proceeded to get curly a whole 5 minutes later. Was fortunate enough to take a brief nap. Then we all started getting ready for the wedding. As with all weddings, there was a bit of drama. My worse fears came true and I could barely fit in the dress. I had two friends using all their strength, and about to double stick tape it closed which I was completely uncomfortable with and freaking out.. when I decided to put on my heels. And they were able to zip it up right away. So, note to self.

Wedding was beautiful. Went off without a hitch. I did manage to cough up a lung during the ceremony. Afterward, we drove around in a limo and took pictures. Then arrived at the reception early, drinking and eating in the bridal suite. Music was great. Did tons of dancing. Ate way too much. And as someone said at the after party, the world is a better place now that the two of them (my friends) are married.

Sunday afternoon, I completely vegged out, relaxed and watched family videos with the fam. I'm jealous of my sister. We didn't get a video camera until I was around 10 or 11 so while she's in the videos as a completely adorable toddler to 7 year old, I'm in my super awkward stages.

Then this morning, we drove my sister to the airport and thankfully I got a ride into the city. Managed to make it to my first spinning class in weeks and apparently I was greatly missed last week. And we're back to the grind.