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I'm Spun

Today's spinning class was one of those classes where I felt like I was going to die within the first five minutes. I don't know if doing 100 push-ups on Saturday somehow effected my legs.. err.. no. That's not it. Or if it was the jumping/ dancing in heels Saturday night to the point where I considered taking off my shoes to walk two blocks. Maybe not. Or if it was my brief workout with the leg press thing before class. Probably. Anyway, I once again entertained the class, but not on purpose. While taking off my spinning sneakers- (the Velcro makes Carl happy- a long running class joke) he pointed out that the boys must be chasing me. Apparently I have that innocent look. Ha! By innocent, does he mean I look like I'm 19 years old. I'm guessing he couldn't harass "chap stick girl" because her man was in class. In other news, this was a nice way to end the day that didn't start off so well. My upstairs neighbor actually STARTED rehearsing or whatever EVIL thing he does with his synthesizer at 11pm at night. Yes, that's right, 11PM. Until around 1am. Even with earplugs in, it still vibrated my bed but not in a good way. Brooklyn here I come.