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It All Happened Before 10am

I rolled out of bed ready for work after 3 days of being holed up in my apartment.
While walking to the Mud truck, I saw a cute puppy.
The owner of the puppy turned out to be a girl who grew up a block away from me in NJ.
I would have said hello but I was too lazy and still recovering.
At the Mud Truck, the coffee guy informed me that his mother liked the picture I took. Could he have a jpg. Probably shouldn't be writing about him cause I gave him my email and flickr link which includes my blog.
After feeling upbeat from receiving free coffee, compliments, etc. I walked next to a woman pushing a stroller with a cute baby.
I proceeded to do the usual. Make fish faces at the baby.
She started smiling and laughing. The caretaker knew I was making the baby smile but had no idea why.
As is usual when I make the fish face, the cute baby attempted to mimic my movements.
I concluded that despite still feeling doped up on various medications, this was going to be a very good day.