Curiosity Matters

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Java Girl

I spent the last hour sitting in Java Girl attempting to read The Law of Attraction but was distracted by the conversations around me. Two women sat next to me, one Brazilian, but living in the city. The other, a 29 year old from San Diego. Their conversation about men, the troubles with meeting them in the city, how they've dealt with friends who liked them, etc. mimicked some of my experiences to a T. I almost wanted to join in and become their friend. Instead, I moved outside where it was quieter. Two minutes later, a couple sat down. The guy started talking about his experiences with wheat and how he discovered he had a wheat allergy but couldn't understand why dairy gave him problems as well. I had to stop myself from chiming in that he should look into Celiac's and that people with Celiac's often can't handle dairy either. Finally, I gave up trying to concentrate and am now back in my apartment, waiting for my sis to come in from New Jersey.