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Jury Duty

JURY DUTY. Putting people asleep since its inception.

I just got back from my first day of jury duty. It was mildly interesting and not as tedious as everyone claims. But that's because I'm only in my first day. I'm a little worried that I'm going to get picked since I committed to some work projects but I guess the trial may not run all day. It's kind of cool to be in Tribeca again- my old work hood and we had a two hour break for lunch. I am the ultimate networker. Sort of. I went to Bazzini's for lunch. Pricey but nice atmosphere. It always seemed to be filled with the movers and shakers of this world. Okay. So I've seen my share of celebs there. Today, a little girl and her grandma sat across from me. My motherly instincts kicked in and I watched the 4 year old while her grams got etc. She share my intense love of purple and chocolate. Her grandmother came back and somehow we struck up a conversation over where I worked. It turned out her daughter used to work for an ad agency and met her husband there. He's now a commercial director and she's on the client side. I'm kicking myself for not dropping off my card if not at least so I could babysit. Perhaps our paths will cross again. Although it would be awkward working with the director and casually slipping in that I have already met his 4 year old daughter and mother-in-law. Such is life.

And speaking of coincidences. I am continuing to be errr stalked by this girl I went to college with. She's a model and happens to be in many stock images that we pull up on stock searches. I have seen her on the street in the past. Recently I saw her on a poster. A few weeks after that, saw her in a commercial. And yesterday, saw her walking her dog while making the long trip to B&H. Freaky.

OKAY! So there is a god! I'm off to Fat Cat to play some ping pong with coworkers. Cheers!