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Kitty Curiousity

The parentals informed me that yesterday Mischief and Lola briefly escaped the safety of their suburban home and explored the wild unknown of (Gasp!) their backyard. Mischief made it as far as their neighbors backyard while Lola was found slowly sniffing her way from one end of the patio to the next, dumbfounded by her new freedom. Mischief was an asshole as usual and ran away from my dad until he pulled out the big guns; i.e. dry cat food. Oddly, my parents rewarded Mischief's behavior by presenting him with a new stuffed Otter and Otter baby toy. A very odd household obsession that I do not support.

Above Photo: Lola. NOTE: Adorable but devilish grin.

Above Photo: Mischief. NOTE: Appearance of anger and drunkeness.

Above Photo: Proud parents of stuffed toys. I am told are Otter Mommy #2 and Baby Otter #2.