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Letters to Juliette

Yeah.. I saw it. I spent this very rainy Tuesday running from place to place.. outside... Another pair of Aldo shoes has bitten the dust. Or rather... drowned. So at 5 when I finally returned home, I was slightly hesitant to leave my apartment again to meet up with a friend for a movie across town. I had gone out last night to a Music Unites Event. Awesomeness. And got home at 11:30ish, did not sleep a wink, then woke up at the crack of dawn to get to an AWNY 8am meeting. After the meeting, I spent a very productive morning working at V Bar on Sullivan. It's still by far my favorite work spot and worth the trip. Being in a quiet, open windowed café with classical music and great coffee definitely beats having Oscar nibble at my toes for attention. Speaking of, what's that I feel?!

Then headed up to Times Square to have lunch with the pops at Eatery. Hello Asian Chicken salad! Actually, everything on the menu looked amazing. Since I was in the area, I decided to check out a bead store I've been meaning to get to. Found a bunch of others. Bought some beads which I haven't done in about 5 years. Holy crap. I feel the passion for jewelry making. Now if only I had a little more room in my apartment and my schedule. Then went on a long, puddle filled journey to find a pair of Hunter Boots that ended in complete failure. Hence my drowned shoes. Bloomingdales had a pair of deep purple boots but I actually felt like it would clash with all the other purple in my wardrobe. And people would think, like.. er, I have an obsession with purple or something.

Oh.. so here we are! Back to the movie. It was totally cheesy. Just as expected. But completely delightful and just what I needed. Nothing like watching a movie that takes place in Tuscany, about finding love while sitting in a Times Square movie theater, as a recently single gal on a cold, rainy Tuesday. It reminded me what I really want in life again. Not that I needed reminding. Love. Sun. Good food. Wine. And Good conversation. To top things off, I found myself surrounded by a group of 20 or so young Italians while walking to the F train. I sign? Why yes. I would think so. Now the question is, can I find these things in New York City?

See visual journey of last two days below. 
Yeah, apparently they have a love/ hate relationship. No. not adorable at all.
Rachel Platten from the Music Unites concert at the Cooper Hotel. She's going to be a star.
And couple walking through Times Square today. I got nothing. You?