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Life is Beautiful

I finally just saw Life Is Beautiful. I don't know why I put off seeing these types of movies. I guess cause whenever I'm in the mood to see a movie, it's usually something light. Anyway, it was obviously very good. Interesting how it was almost like a play. Even though it was shot in Arezzo, it seemed like a sound stage. What struck me was that the whole time he was acting like the concentration camp was a game, and when you think about it, what the Nazis did was so absurd, ridiculous and horrible so it not being reality almost makes sense. Very interesting perspective and contrast between the beautiful Italian language and obviously horrific events that were taking place. Blah, I can't believe humans are responsible for such terrible acts and insane beliefs. But- they say the world is actually becoming a more safe place and less violent. I believe that.

check out this story if you get a chance about a young man in Africa who built a windmill.