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Life is Good

Have had a lovely weekend so far. Wow, what a difference a day makes. Or a week. Good lesson to keep trekking through the bad because the good is always around the corner. Okay, so sometimes the block is really long.. Overall, I spent my last weekend in the East Village very appropriately.

Friday night, I had a lovely dinner with one of my best friends. I'm excited that I'll be living less than 10 blocks from her in a week! Post dinner, we tried seeing The Proposal but during the trailer, the film actually burned right in front of our eyes. So alas, it wasn't meant to be and we met up with her friend and friend's sister. It was very nice to have a girls' night. Especially since I feel like most of my friends are guys.

Today, I was fairly productive. I dropped off my $3000 + check for my new apartment. Yikes! Then started basically walking back to my apartment from 59th and 3rd. I think subconsciously (or maybe consciously) it was an attempt to avoid doing laundry and going to my intense spinning class. I met up with another best friend and we snacked while sitting on a bench that overlooked the East River in the East 30s. From there, I walked home, through the Union Square farmer's market and Whole Foods. The universe reminded me why I'm moving. It's been a day, and I still have no hot water. I went to the gym and attempted the most pitiful excuse for a workout just so I could shower.

My lovely weekend concluded with seeing The Proposal at the same theater (East Village on 2nd Ave and 12 street)-Check out the old school, beautiful theater if you get a chance. The movie was hysterical. I laughed uncontrollably and am totally in love with Ryan Reynolds. It's obviously predictable but visually somewhat stunning.. makes you want to move to Alaska.. and Sandra Bullock was great. As a tribute to St. Mark's, we got a hot dog at Criff Dog. It was total serendipity. Neither of us could figure out what to eat, and we were on our way to a Mac & Cheese spot when someone near us mentioned hot dogs. At Criff Dog, I ran into this guy I used to have the biggest crush on. He skated at the ice skating rink I used to frequent and we'd race each other around the rink. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw him, I was 12. Now he's married (as of last week) and apparently his wife used to work in my building. Jesus. Small freaking world. On top of that, another guy I know walked in the joint. And this afternoon, spotted a former coworker. And Thursday night, spotted a former college classmate, along with one of my spin teachers, all while walking home from an event. I'm curious as to what cast of characters from my past I'll spot while living on the Upper East. Must remember to always look presentable when exiting my apartment :)

Short story long, if it's not already obvious, I'm really looking forward to moving. There is no question that I need to change my lifestyle and develop more healthy habits. And a move is the fresh start that I obviously need. I can't wait to regularly run in Central Park, cook healthy meals with more than 4 inches of counter space, develop buns of steel from my 5th story walk up, NOT regularly stop at Criff Dog, Ray's Pizza, Pinkberry, Red Mango, etc. on my way home, save money, not stop at Solas... and get serious about applying to a master's program this fall. So yeah, feel free to hold me accountable and I'll happily entertain you with my progress. Maybe even be an inspiration.. but yeah, I may miss Pheobe the cat.

What are your goals? Are there things you keep saying you are going to do but don't? Or better question, how did you manage to develop the good habits?