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Life Through My Lens - Hawaiian Wedding

A bit of fun employment and nice weather has allowed me to take some lovely photos over the last few months. I also have someone very special to thank for fixing my 50mm 1.4 lens. Seriously, there's nothing more annoying than being a photographer in a very photogenic environment without a lens that works. A Youtube video, a few tools and lots of patience on his part saved me a few hundred dollars and my creative sanity. So I'll be posting my life of the last few months through my lens.

First, a trip down a very green, gorgeous memory lane. I went to Hawaii's Oahu a few months ago for my friend's wedding. The talk of Hawaii's beauty is not just hype. The island is green and lush, reminding you of a pre-historic oasis - perhaps because Jurassic Park was filmed there? Despite technically being in the United States, you feel like you're in a different country, surrounded by Polynesians who come from the other side of the world - or at least the other side from New York City. We stayed in the Turtle Bay Resort on the North shore. There is something priceless about being able to stroll from the beach to the pool, to your hotel room, and then back to the beach for a wedding. It's hard to decide what I loved more - the pristine, uncrowded beaches of Tulum or hearing the loud waves lull us to sleep in our Hawaii hotel room. I split a room with a couple which worked out fine because the rooms were huge and we all got along perfectly. Plus it helped that my friends and I have the same traveling desires - mainly those that revolve around food, relaxation, water and minor exploration.

Oh. So I caught the bouquet. I've never caught the bouquet before. Usually I duck in horror like a typical single, career woman living in New York City. But this time I was surrounded by single, career women living in New York City who all ducked and consequently, the bouquet went flying into my face. I caught it perfectly, in self defense. My roommate took a picture to document the moment. Truth be told she had to take about five photos because I had trouble mustering a genuine smile when shock and anxiety were my first emotions. But months of the bouquet drying nicely in my apartment has helped me happily embrace this possibility.

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