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Long Sunday

Today I went to the beach, Spring Lake, NJ with some friends, my sister and my friend's family. We had a ton of fun but the water had a very strong current. The lifeguards even put up a yellow flag indicating caution when going into the water. After a significant amount of ocean time, we chilled on the sand. At some point, my sister noticed a line of people crowded by the shore line. We gathered the crowd and found out quickly that apparently an older man with epilepsy had gone missing. The lifeguards at every station, were combing the water, hand in hand, looking for the body. We walked up in the direction of the tide, contemplating the situation, having trouble understanding how someone could go missing in a the sea, but among a sea of people. Wondering how the lifeguards must have felt. How the family must have felt. And how interesting as to how quickly the news traveled. And how EVERYONE had stopped what they were doing and was intensely watching the lifeguards.
Finally, we looked back towards the direction from whence we came and noticed a more concentrated, circular crowd. They had found the body. My sister and her friend later told me the body was caught near the rocks. As human nature tends to take over, we all quickened our pace towards the growing crowd and watched as lifeguards attempted to resuscitate the man despite him having been gone for over a half hour. The young lifeguards, hopefully seeing their first and last death, held up towels to block the body from the spectators. After about twenty minutes, they finally carried him on a board, covered in towels towards the awaiting ambulance. But his stiff, lifeless feet stuck out from under the towels, like a poetic reminder of what happened despite the lifeguards attempts to shield us from his death.