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Midnight Happenings

Okay Mom. I should totally be sleeping right now but this one's for you. Just got back from another date with a super cool guy. Sorry kids. Can't be giving out the details but let's just say it's about freaking time I met someone who's on the same wavelength as me. You should hear how we met. Talk about how the universe works, etc. Maybe I'll tell ya'll some day.

I digress.

As I was walking home from our date around midnight, some guy on a bike said something to the effect of "girl, here's my number." And I sort of threw my head up or something in mock annoyance, and he said, "girl, don't give me that look. There's no reason we can't be friends." Then I thought I lost him but low and behold, he showed up in front of my apartment saying "I thought I lost you. Take my number (as he reads it allowed). I don't have a baby mama or anything."

Wow.. that's a new one. I'd like to note that out of my 3 1/2 years living in the East Village, I was never followed by anyone. The closest following was one guy who told me about his drug selling adventures but I think he was just walking to the subway, which was on the way. Aight, peace out playas. Time for me to hit the sack. P.S. I'm totally getting sick. I can feel it in my throat. Such terrible timing.