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Million Dollar Listings

Just watched about 2 hours of Million Dollar Listings while I figured out the whole technorati thing and made a way too garlicy dinner. The show is sort of addicting and I guess it's always inspiring to watch young people become successful. Yeah, not one of those people who resent success. But.. I don't get why all the guys look like such super tools. I mean the bowl haircut??! You've got to be kidding. And why do they have to be all guys? More specifically all guys who grew up insanely wealthy. One thing is clear, they don't really DO much to make their money. Yes, they work during the weekends and are pretty much on call, but most people on Wall Street put in more hours and make less money than these tender 25 year olds. That's my gripe but I guess the producers are trying to paint a certain type of picture of this exclusive group of people.