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Mini City Guide: How to Get Over A Breakup

I just came back from my absolute favorite spinning class at Crunch/ Lafayette. My spin teacher dedicated about 5 songs to my "situation." I didn't even tell him about the break up until he instantly noticed I was looking "tired" so started making fun of me. Before he had me breaking down into tears, I told him briefly my story and he proceeded to dedicate nearly every song to me - in front of the whole class. A song about not loving someone anymore, Mariah's "Shake It Off," the new Beyonce/ Lady Gaga song.. etc. And by the end of the class, I basically sweat out the pain. It was amazing. And a gift. He had the whole class working for me and holy crap did we work. Towards the end, I felt my body going cold and nearly passed out.

Anyway, I LOVE CARL HALL. He is a beautiful human being and the best spin teacher ever. I feel like, ironically, the love is coming back to me but from my friends, readers, colleagues, and spinning buddies. On to the next chapter!