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Mini New York City Guide

Cheap massage for when you're whole body is in pain and you can't wait for spa week. And are too lazy (or chicken) to try some random place in Chinatown.

Try Graceful Spa 56th on 56th street between 2nd and 3rd. I've gone there twice for hour long massages that cost a discounted $60 and is well worth it. Hey, some women buy lots of shoes and get regular manicures. I prefer a massage every few months. Anyway, the massage itself isn't much different from going to a regular spa. But you will miss having your own separate room (it's one big room separated with sheets and curtains. The massage oil doesn't have a particular sent. It's probably cheaper and more generic.. and you won't have access to a steam room, etc. afterward like you may at an official spa.

Coming up - where to find cheap but great haircuts for women.