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Mischief is a Bed Hog.

I was kind of excited when Mischief came in my room last night to sleep with me. He's not the most friendly or loving cat and it usually takes a few days for him to warm up. He plopped himself in the middle of my bed, preventing me from stretching my legs. Which I thought was okay until I decided to shift position around 1 am. I tried to gently push him out of the way but he wouldn't budge. In fact, he luxuriously sprawled himself across the bed, staking his territory. On the whole, I didn't sleep that well. He hogged the bed till around, I'm guessing, 7 am when he presumably went downstairs for breakfast. In my family, if you're still sleeping around 9am, when everyone else is awake, that's your problem. While I was still trying to get in another half hour, my parents spoke loudly to each other from room to room, my mom blow dried her hair, yelled at the cats, etc. And I took comfort in knowing that some times, my bad ear comes in handy.