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Molly Aaker's Guide to Life: Job Stuff

Hey there! You may remember me as that lady who used to post more than once every few weeks. Well.. things have been a bit crazy. For a brief while I was actually freelancing at two places at once. I supposed when it rains, it pours. Seriously. It was pouring. On top of that, I was looking for a new apartment, finally ready to settle after two years of subletting and moving around. I had to make so many decisions over the last few weeks that at some point I probably just mentally shut down - gave in and just watched funny cat videos - or something like that. It seemed like every decision I've had to make from where to live to what kind of bedding to buy took f%*king work. I mean seriously, isn't the internet supposed to just magically give us the information we need, when we need it?! Well. I've got news for you. It doesn't.

So over the next few days / weeks / months, I'd like to share what I've learned. Hopefully so ya'll won't have to go through the same thing. Although even if you do, there's no doubt you'll learn something.

Lesson 1: I started a new job. This is beyond exciting. Not only am I working with cool/smart people, finally have a steady paycheck and eventually health insurance, but I'm in a growing field. I'm a strategist at a mobile media agency. Don't ask me to explain this because honestly, the possibilities are endless. So what have I learned? Well... coming from the advertising side, I'd say we can be pretty judgmental about various aspects of the advertising process. Creatives might roll their eyes at account people whereas account planners may scoff at the idea of working for a media agency. But guess what, we're all just cogs in the wheel (just kidding). What I meant to say was - the more we know about each others' roles, the better we'll be. Especially in an area that's still being defined. While I'm still learning the ropes, the experience so far has been invaluable. I work with results oriented, left-brained Excel wizards who get excited about "branding" whereas I'm finally learning the true meaning of ROI.

SO the lesson learned is; be conscious of where your next job can take your career but also don't be afraid to try the off beaten path. So many recruiters want candidates that are wrapped up in a neat little bow with a few years of big agency experience, etc. but there is an undefined world out there to explore. This world straddles technology and startups. It embraces both cultural diversity and those coming from different careers. And recognizes that a person doesn't need to have performed the exact job to excel. Find these companies. Find the hiring managers who will recognize and appreciate your intelligence and then go for it. Dive in. Help to define the process, to grow the company and to incorporate a different perspective into their business. You'll both be the stronger for it.