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Molly Learns About Judaism at a Lutheran College

Experience = full of paradoxes. My sister is going to a Lutheran college in Minnesota that my father went to. I'm a "Jutheran" i.e. Jewish and Lutheran. My mom is Jewish, but as she revealed at the class today, never celebrated any Jewish holidays except for the food part. However, she's always considered herself Jewish despite attending church with us, and not attending temple growing up. And my sister and I were essentially raised Lutheran even though most religions follow the mother's faith.

So here we are, my mom and I learning about our Jewish faith surrounded by college kids- that we will learn, have barely ever met Jews. And in the end, I learned a bit about my background, and they will continue to learn with open, and accepting ears- about the Jewish faith. Oh yeah, did you know that there are only about 10 Million Jews in the world? Coming from Northern, NJ/NYC- this was quite the shock.

This just in- just learned from some Pennsylvania kid that more celebrities have come from NJ than any other state.. will have to look into that. Also mimicked our supposed accent and apparently we come from big families. Mafia reference.. hmm.