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Monday Awesomeness

Didn't really sleep that well at all last night. I love how the knowledge that I had to wake up around 6:15 stressed me out and prevented me from sleeping. Kind of counterproductive. During my 6 hours or less of sleep, I did manage to have a vivid, hopefully prophetic, dream. If you recall, a few weeks ago, I found a gold chain necklace at the 68th street subway platform... I dreamed I found another gold chain necklace and can't remember where I initially thought it came from. But then saw an old shoe laying around the room (not my apartment or house but you know how dreams are). I believe the shoe was from Target. The bottom lining of the shoe was coming off, and I pealed it away to find more beautiful gold necklaces. I believe 2-3. Then I had some sort of weird realization that someone in a far off place (where ever Target shoes are made) had tried to hide this jewelry in the lining of the shoes and they somehow made it into stores. So I have no idea how to interpret this dream or where to take it. Should I start designing shoes? Make sure I finally sell my gold chain? Is this a subtle reference to a long running joke between a friend and I - who once found money rolled up in a shoebox? Hmm.. perhaps I now know what I'll be doing on one of my days off.

In other news, I am awesome. I went to a Core Fusion class with my coworker this morning from 7am-8am! It feels sooo satisfying to wake up that early and already get a workout out of the way. I can go an unlimited number of times this week for $40. Otherwise, it's about $30 a class depending on how many you get at once. It's a mix of pilates and yoga. Awesomeness. And pain. I am Spartacus.