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Monday Night Karaoke Continued

My Monday night karaoke plans got off to a rough start. After a lovely dinner with my friend (sorry spinning teacher- it was pasta!) I chilled at my apartment, killing time until 11. I thought I could hit up McSorley's, which I've actually never been to, for a drink and pre-game. I was supposed to go with a friend, but he bailed cause had to work at the last minute so I thought I could go by myself. And my favorite Solas bartender also works there. But to my chagrin, they only had beer. Am I the only person who didn't realize that? And despite it being a Monday night at 11pm, it was super crowded. I guess some people actually get off for Veteran's Day.

So I had my two beers, played with my iPhone pretending to look like I was waiting for someone. Then went home and downloaded various other iPhone applications in anticipation of being bored at the next bar. Around 12:30, I arrived at Solas. It was also fairly crowded on a Monday night. After a few drinks, I managed to do a fantastic rendition of Lauryn Hills "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Not the easiest song to sing but I got into it. Didn't appreciate the guys behind me trying to grind up on me while I was singing. But I guess they did have a few words of encouragement and were quite enamored.

After my song, I fell into a conversation with a tall, somewhat handsome guy. Not sure how we started talking and god knows why we were talking about the things we were. In any case, he works for the state department, and long story short- tried to convince me that the Jews controlled all the money in the US. That they are mostly to blame for the financial crisis. That they are disproportionally represented in the Senate. I reminded him that as a Jewthuran, he needed to look at things from all perspectives. He said he tells his Jewish friends the same things and they somewhat agree with him. I tried to convince him that there isn't a secret network of Jews. Maybe there is.. But that rather, Jews have historically lived in the New York area and perhaps went into finance by proximity. Industry close to home.

Then we got into the Middle East and Israel. And basically agreed how insanely hard foreign politics were. And that it's hard to find a neutral ground when supporting Israel. And why we have ties to them, perhaps related to money. You get the point. It was heavy and I was fairly convinced that this guy was anti-Semitic, working for our government. Kind of scary.

To end on a brighter note, my two favorite Solas bartenders sang the last song and did a fantastic job. They sang Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" which ironically, I had on my list but didn't get around to requesting. Also managed to miss my "Hit Me Baby One More Time" cause I was busy talking defending Jews. Dang. But over all. Freakin Awesome! Got home at 4am!