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More Family Research

I've been sort of obsessing about researching my family. I guess once I get into something, it's hard to stop. I thought about doing something with history.. but it's the same way I feel about finance- I may find it interesting when it's my own-- but who knows how I'd feel about dealing with other people's families/finances.

Anyway, I also recently read "The Secret." I know.. cheesy. I couldn't even read it in public cause I was sort of embarrassed. I can't say I liked how it was written but I definitely agree with the general principals. Mainly that we send out vibes or whatever to the universe about what we're thinking and what we want. I mean how many times have all of thought of an old friend, and then randomly they called, emailed, or someone mentioned their names. Stuff like that. And the idea that you have to think positively to achieve your dreams. Do you think Tiger Woods is thinking he won't get the ball in? No, he's probably imagined the moment that it's already in.

So going back to family history.. my interest got revived after I started reading "The Other Boleyn Girl." I'd like to finish before I see the movie and have always been interested in European history. Having lost my last grandparent at 11, I never got to hear stories of the past straight from the source but am fortunate enough to have some family documents discussing our history. For one, a "crazy" aunt of my father's claimed we were related to Napoleon. So I started my research there. Still trying to figure this one out.. but so far one of Napoleon's supposed illigitimate sons has a small town in Minnesota named after him. AND the man who named the town happens to have lived in the town my ancestors lived in. Okay.. so there's interesting fact number 1. There's no question that if anything, that's a super coincidence.. and I found part of what I was looking for. Ironically the family that claimed this owned a store called "The New York Store." hmmm.

Then I started going back further and found tons of info on Abraham Perry, an great, great, great, grandfather of mine, who also is considered the founder of St. Paul, MN. There are books written about their voyage from Switzerland to Minnesota. It's amazing how much information is out there. I always wonder if 150 years from now, we'll have access to as much documented information. Seems email is more transient. Anyway, his daughter married a guy named James Clewett and upon researching him, I found him to be from Kent England. So fact number one that I have discovered is I am not Welsh as previously thought. But English. AND to finally bring things full circle-- perhaps enough to get me off of my search temporarily and back to reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" - I googled Kent, England and came to their website for tourists. And what did I find popping up on their home page- non other than a guide to movie locations shot in Kent with a still from the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl." Which I might add, does not pop up every time you enter on to the site.

So as this week's Time Out New York has also discovered, there's some validity to that sixth sense we believe to have. It's only a matter of tapping into it and noticing the signs. So my next goal is to figure out in what direction that sign is pointing.

signing off for now to find some inner clarity with an hour of yoga.