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More Reason to Give Up Factory Meat

Direct quotes from my PETA Vegetarian Starter Kit. People knock PETA cause they're so extreme but I can understand their passion for animals. I mean the way some animals are treated is so atrocious and gut wrenchingly depressing that it's no wonder people get so passionate about the cause. And something for the women.. even though I'd love to eat fish, and probably won't stop, apparently the mercury from fish stays in your system so long that it can effect your ability to have children and your future children. I have also read the same things in other books that people may find have a less extremist view point.

So you say.. well, I'm a healthy adult. I came out okay... but meanwhile rates of childhood obesity and type II diabetes has skyrocketed and studies show that we're the first generation that may not outlive their parents. Not sure what generation they mean.. I'm guessing post 1981. I feel that by living in NYC I have the opportunity to be more environmental- i.e. not drive, walk everywhere, buy from the farmers markets but I already have a few strikes against me with the pollution. Case in point, I've lived here for 2 1/2 years and until the last year, never ever had allergies. Now I have allergies and need eye drops because my eyes get irritated by the pollution.

And for the quotes "Turkeys and chickens have their wings and legs broken when the are shoved into transport trucks, and they are shipped through all weather extremes with no food or water."

"Chickens are genetically manipulated and dosed with antibiotics to make them grow so large so quickly that they become crippled under their own weight."

"Ammonia levels in chicken farms are so high that the corrosive substance burns the birds' lungs and skin."

"Chicks have their sensitive beaks cut off without any painkillers."

And if you don't care about the hens and chickens, it's important to keep in mind that Dr. Atkins died at 258 pounds..

As a consumer, we can make such a major impact especially in this area. Politicians care about creating policies that have immediate results and I doubt this is one of those areas. And I highly doubt they'd support local, sustainable farms anytime soon. To do that, they'd have to change the entire system- Cut ties with the pharmaceutical industry, large companies like Con Agra, and hurt all the farmers who only grow corn and live off government subsidies. And they'd lose the big grocery stores.. big shipping companies. But on the other hand, people would be healthier. Less oil would be used. Communities would be confident in knowing they can sustain themselves instead of relying on foreign imports. Less pollution. Farmers would be happier doing more varied work and actually making money. Anyway, we have the power to change the system through our wallet. Al Gore is the perfect example of someone who made a monumental change using the private sector vs. through the government. Okay. I'm going to keep reading Omnivore's Dilemma and will stop preaching. Hope I'm giving some valuable information and not rambling.