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More Strange Coincidences

As much as I love New York, I think it's time to move. The city is getting too small for me or perhaps I should move out of my hood. I just ran into the male model that I met on Friday night while coming back from the gym, sweaty and wearing shorts and sneakers. Glamorous. AND my friend's husband who I ran into on Saturday morning. If I run into anyone I know while in San Francisco, especially from my college, then perhaps I will seek out someone who can explain the phenomenon.

P.S. I'm excited about my trip! Excited to see my West Coast sister and also just to travel. Honestly, I love being in airports alone. Going with other people always involves making sure you don't lose them and balancing holding a conversation while being mindful of those around you. Last time I traveled alone was to Utah in October 05. It's about time. Phew! Time to pack!