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Morning Happenings

Was at the Mud truck and there was a group of Brits with a dog. Blah blah blah, they want a cup of tea at the Mud Coffee truck. Then the guy comes back after getting his coffee or tea and says the crazy dog knocked over his coffee. I said "did he eat your homework too?" I guess he didn't get the reference or was slow cause he hadn't had his coffee. Anyway, no, he did not get the reference.

In other news..... Was looking at my email- get emails from Club Monaco. And saw the dress below. My first reaction (inside my head) was "oooh lala, I like." Then I scanned to the bottom of the email and saw it is called "Molly Dress" so then my reaction was audible. "Oh! Why?! Now I really want it." It's like someone from Club Monaco is spying on me. If I really and truly wanted to brand myself, I could just wear only clothing labeled "Molly."